That's me

Always I liked to create things and see how people react

My photo, Katarzyna Barnaś

And always I wanted to become a writer, but sitting all the time at your desk and limiting your creativity to blank Google Doc frames turned out to me not enough.

So I became a UX, a product designer, a digital magician. No boredom, no shape limits, talking with people every day, a scientific thinking framework, and living a futuristic tech industry dream remotely.

I contributed to a variety of projects: SaaS apps, e-commerce, Internet of Things, machine learning, mobile apps, both B2C and B2B. I worked as a freelancer, in agencies and as an in-house designer in a product team. I learned A LOT.

With five other unbelievable tech experts, I started a software & design agency called { brocodi }. We consult ideas, products, technical doubts, and we build web apps from scratch. I am responsible there for the product strategy & design part.

If you have a project in the field that I don't know yet totally, I would be highly interested! I love learning completely new things.