How to create a concept to pitch power plants?

The company called Wingu already had a rough MVP solution launched in two clients' power plants. My goal was to extend the solution into a SaaS product.

On an everyday basis, a power plant worker needs to fill many control forms and share them with the management. Each object in a facility can have specific info to fill. Also, this object can be so complicated that you need to check the documentation first. The environment is dangerous - with strict rules regarding clothing, equipment, and behaviour.

As a worker, there is a lot to remember. On the other hand, another person, a manager, needs to supervise the whole place, and it is impossible to do that without reports.

— Research

How can we make their lives easier?

I helped with the second iteration of the project. Because of special safety rules, I focused on feedback from mentioned power plants.

The first version of the product was a mobile app with content created using another Wingu Saas product. It was an app to manage content displayed based on location (geofence, beacons). Wingu had two types of clients: industrial and commercial. Both groups used the same Wingu management system, but their mental models, way of working, and even the number of contents and triggers were different.

In the MVP, managers received reports via email. It meant chaos and mess. Remember how hard it is to find one specific email from hundreds from the same sender? It was impossible to remember what issue is solved or does it still require attention.


As a a manager...

To understand and prepare an action plan, I mapped detailed user stories. The MVP mobile app worked quite well, so we decided to improve more managers' experience.


After getting a report via email, managers maintained every one of them in separate spreadsheets. Again it was hard to navigate quickly through various reports.


Managers didn't have a way to confirm that workers follow the security rules.


Lack of notification that a report has been sent when a worker switched from offline to online.

— Design

Design it ugly. It is an enterprise.

In hard enterprise industry, big buttons and flexible data input are more critical than look and feel. Usability goes first.

The mobile app needed an upgrade, including fixing usability issues. I built a new mobile user flow and prepared design recommendations.

However, the main product focus, the web app, contains two robust sections. This structure facilitates setting up different levels of user access within one power plant, e.g. one manager can enter the data, and another one can review it.


Managementa section with a range of content creation and location creation features (Wingu management system adopted to power plants’ needs)


Reportsa suite of reporting features for a manager to monitor what's happening in a power plant (it replaced email reports)

information architecture
user flow
— What about the results?

Ready concept to pitch investors and potential clients.

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User stories High fidelity prototype
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An intelligent recruiting platform that matches candidates with your current jobs. I supported the lean & agile development team in taking the design of the product to the next level.