Research & strategy

What is my magic secret of boosting metrics? Just focus on users and checking what does it work. See example methods used in my projects.


Are you wondering does your idea is good?

It isn't until you test it. I can check what your customers or potential customers think about your concept. I'll choose the best method, e.g. user interviews, usability tests, analytics, campaign or A/B tests.

remote strategy workshop
Design sprint workshop

User interviews

Are you wondering what users want?

You can observe trends, analytics and know everything what users do in your app, but without talking with them directly you won't understand why they do that, what are their motivations. I'll conduct sets of user interviews remotly or face to face to give you inspiring insights.

Usability testing

Are you wondering should you change something in your app?

Don't worry! We can check it through usability testing sessions with users. Based on insights, we can work together on priorities.

MVP/planning workshops
Discovery research workshop

Quantitative research audit

Are you wondering what is happening in your product? Where to start?

Numebrs are great to kick-off. They'll give you more questions that answers, but we can try to find them using other methods. I can help you analyze user behaviors based on web and mobile analytics or surveys to plan next steps.

Define the challenge

Using various canvas models I can help you and your team define a value proposition of your product, audience, competitors, business model and action plan. Get everyone on the same page what you wanna build and share stakeholders' knowledge.

strategy ux actitivites
lean approach scheme

Lean approach - experiments

The most exciting things in business are quick wins. I love explore that approach - with small activities you can make an unexpected difference.