UX/UI Design

I can work for you from early lo-fi sketches to hi-fi final visual concept.

Interaction design

I can help you polish your messy information architecture, brainstorm on lo-fi general concepts or fucused on system logic using userf flows and wireframes.

remote strategy workshop
Design sprint workshop

Visual design

Following newest trends I'll preapred visual solutions that fit to your audience. An ERP business system needs different approach than B2C e-commerce.

Design system

It speeds up the process of development. For all my projects, I create reuseful components. It's a magic that helps maitain clear communication with developers and avoid inconsistencies and errors in your app.

MVP/planning workshops
Discovery research workshop

Mobile-first design

Today you can meet even Mobile-Only users and it becomes more and more popular trend on the market. When at least 20% of your audience is mobile, I'd design mobile-first. Working first on smallers screens increases mobile quality and efficiency.