Speed up the design and decision process. Remote or on-site depending on team, time and travel options.

Kick-off workshops

It speeds up the process of sharing knowledge and ideas. Instead of dozens of calls, we can look together at the same whiteboard and share or figure out business model, assumptions, info about audience and more.

remote strategy workshop
Design sprint workshop

Design sprint

That's a good ideas, when you have a tight deadline or reduced budget. It requires you more commitment for a couple of days, but even in one week you can have defined, prototyped and tested simple proof of concept.

MVP/Planning workshops

Have you ever build an MVP that took too much time and money than expected?

It happends all the time and we can avoid it by carefoul planning features with an assist of develops. I conduct user story mapping and sketching workshops with business and developers to find a common ground and compromises.

MVP/planning workshops
Discovery research workshop

Discovery (research) workshops

Limited time? Hard to convince to come customers?

If your users are e.g. developers and you're struggling with reach them to talk, a research workshop can be a great idea. It's co-creation fun process for them.