You have a MVP and then what?

I started working on the product one month after the launch of the MVP. The goal was to collect user feedback, check what is going on on stakeholder’s side, and plan the next steps. They had too many ideas.

The product was a web application for recruiters. It automates the process of sourcing by machine learning matching candidates for available job offers.

I set up calls and short remote workshops to get to know what are current goals, ideas, what is the business concept. Based on that I prepared the action plan executed below.

lean canvas

Business owners knew a lot about how a recruiter's life looks like, but they didn't know what is happening when a recruiter opens the app, how do they actually use the app.


Missed mobile version, messy communication between designers and developers and outdated corporate style.


Promising roadmap with ideas to evaluate.

— Research and workshops

Candidate experience & new features for recruiters

We needed to get to know what is happening when a recruiter opens the app in the morning, what she or he does first, what next. I conducted a set of contextual remote interviews, so I could see how recruiters interact with the app, highlights problems and generate ideas for a bunch of new features.

Also, stakeholders wanted to extend the audience. They were thinking about introducing a new persona to the process - a candidate. As an IT specialist I knew a lot about that perspective, but to avoid biases I analyzed opinions on USA market and I conducted workshops with developers.

— UI and design system

A little bit of chaos and old-fashion


Mobile compatibilityBecause of doing the refactor of components to Angular Material, that was the best moment to adjust mobile. Recruiters checks emails on the go, make phone calls with candidates. I made checking candidates and job info as easily as possible on mobile.

Design system

Design systemDefining changes for the MVP won't be enough. Developers complained about inconsistency in the app, mixed styles, mixed libraries. I reduced the number of styles and components and adjust them to the Angular Material library. For new features, it reduced time spent on front-end development.


Visual UI enhancementUsers were happy with user experience on the desktop, but the visual design looked outdated. I didn't want to create too expensive solution, so I maximized the visual update with minimizing the effort to build it. Even small changes like refreshing the color palette or shapes can make a difference in emotional perception.

Design system
Mobile design
Desktop design
— What about the results?

Smooth development of new features, dozens of ideas evaluated, first clients onboarded.

User research Strategy Workshops UX Design
UI/Visual design Design system Mobile-first High fidelity prototype
shopping online

#mobile conversion increased #ux evangelization

I designed the first mobile app for the Morele e-commerce, redesigned the desktop, and leaded user experience evangelization in the company.